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  • Shan Shui Spectacles Industrial .Co.,LTD
    Shan Shui Spectacles Industrial .Co.,LTD Shan Shui has been operating for over 50 years.
    You can feel safe wearing our protective eyewear because our 50 years of experience in manufacturing top of the line quality and comfort eye protection products is something to stand by Quality, Quality, Quality!
    Shan Shui delivers the best protective eyewear, promptly and at quality prices. Production is in-house and supervised at every level so that quality is assured.

NO.43,HSIN YI SOUTH ROAD,TAINAN,TAIWAN,R.O.C. E-mail: shanshui@ms31.hinet.net TEL: 886-6-2616909 FAX: 886-6-2916147